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Jessica. 27. Studied Sociology and Public Administration. Recent grad school grad -figuring out how to adult. I love nonprofit work, writing, culture, learning, nature, reading, humor, people, fitness and much more. Running makes me feel alive. Lifting makes me feel like Wonder Woman.

Date night = the best splurges.

Date night = the best splurges.

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"Rather than fighting for every woman’s right to feel beautiful, I would like to see the return of a kind of feminism that tells women and girls everywhere that maybe it’s all right not to be pretty and perfectly well behaved. That maybe women who are plain, or large, or old, or differently abled, or who simply don’t give a damn what they look like because they’re too busy saving the world or rearranging their sock drawer, have as much right to take up space as anyone else.

I think if we want to take care of the next generation of girls we should reassure them that power, strength and character are more important than beauty and always will be, and that even if they aren’t thin and pretty, they are still worthy of respect. That feeling is the birthright of men everywhere. It’s about time we claimed it for ourselves."
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Whitewater in Vermont. Jamaica State Park. 2011.

Whitewater in Vermont. Jamaica State Park. 2011.

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Plastinated circulatory system

Plastinated circulatory system

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113/120 April 24th

Phases of my work day:
1. Coffee is great and I am awake.
2.This Pandora station is rocking.
3. Why am I working late, I’ve crashed and am now tired.

Only worked my day job today. Had a good day, ready for date night! Also excited for Grey’s, but Christina is my favorite character and Idk how I feel about her leaving the show. This episode better be epic.

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These awesome science and math inspired cutting boards can be found at Elysium Woodworks!

Cooking is just carefully-applied, delicious chemistry, so you might as well use as much science as possible when you’re in the kitchen!

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One of the best shows I have ever seen live (and I have seen a lot!) :)

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My “woman crush Wednesday” this week (and for the previous and upcoming 3hunna weeks tbh) is nicesquatrack. She’s going through a lot of tough stuff right now, but she’s handling it really well and making me proud.

What’s happening right now? How are you THIS gorgeous? Are you Snow White - why do you have an apple? I can’t believe you also do squats and have a huge brain. I might be visiting and stealing your girl weightliftingcanadian. :p

But for reals, this lady is amazing and strong in many ways! Lots of respect. 

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